TA-DAAAAH! I can finally reveal the design of the image I created for this year’s Turin GLBT Film Festival, which has just been officially launched. I wanted to work on the concept of the GLBT rainbow in a lateral way and express the idea of diversity, so I created a series of anthropomorphic blobs in all sorts of colours, also conveying the feel of “happening” that a lively event such as a film festival has. I am now starting work on an animated trailer for the festival, so there will be more to show you soon.

Today our animal literati are offering something quite artistic:

As for my other current work, I can tell you that Gus & Waldo’s 4th title is coming out in less than a month (woo-hoo!) and I’m quite excited: even though it’s only a compendium of the previously published Book Of Sex and Book Of Fame, CRAZY IN LOVE was fun to put together and it’s always fabulous to work with my beloved boys.
I’ve also been commissioned the branding design of next year’s Turin GLBT Film Fetival, so watch this space as I will give you a preview later on.
But the bread and butter work that keeps me busy these days is the motion graphics for the new series of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, which is a great show, I only wish I didn’t have to do all these animations on erectile dysfunctions… YUK!

Hey guys,
I know, long time no blog, I mean, months without even logging in. Shameful! Sorry everybody (let’s pretend somebody actually cares…). Fact is I’ve been very busy with some graphics for a number of TV shows. I had some good fun and -sorry for flogging!- one of the jobs I did for a Channel 4 show was picked up and featured on Broadcast magazine (the TV industry “official” paper), so I can proudly show it off:

And to show you better what the graphics were like (yep, the pic in the article is pretty unreadable), here is the logo I designed for the show. You like?

Apologies apologies apologies. Even though I’m not sure of how many people are there following this blog, I must apologise profusely for being absent for such a loooong time. But gosh life has been in the way. I’ve been busy with lots of exciting new things of which I will tell you in new posts very soon, but for now you’ll  have to do with just a new chapter in the Literary Bestiary saga.
Today we talk about chickens.

Sorry for the prolonged absence. I started working on a few animations for a cookery show and for a pet show. All very good fun, but quite intense work. I will post images and short videos as soon as I can. In the meantime another session of our very peculiar book club. This time let’s go for something a little saucy… If not for everybody at least for your hamsters or rodent pets…

I’m off to Turin next week: I’ll be in the short film jury at the GLBT Film Festival. Quite glam, innit? I’m very excited. They will also screen my animated shorts with Gus & Waldo. Very exciting. I’ll try to come back with some nice goss.

A new idea for some silly cartoons: a parallel London where everything is slightly off. Hence the title: Londoff. I start with one of the most recognisable sights from the city’s skyline: the BT tower. But here it’s become the…

And the second one might not be very familiar to people living outside London, but the Wolseley is one of the city’s big institutions: a restaurant not as internationally famous as the Ritz or the Claridge’s, but just as dear to Londoners’ hearts. And here its name is spellt just as it’s pronounced:

And yes, you might have noticed that these aren’t computer-generated images but very humble freehand sketches. Well, sometimes a guy just feels like changing his medium…

To be honest, I’ve never got the point of misery memoirs. Why reading something depressing? Is it because by comparison your own life will seem much better? Won’t work for me…
Anyhoo, here is the best-selling feline one in our Literary Bestiary chart.

Trees. Aren’t they amazing things? I know it sounds like the most idiotic or banal statement, but if you think about it, they are absolutely wonderful living creatures.
And many of them have the most fantastic shapes. Like, for instance, a beautiful horse-chestnut tree I see in the park on my way to work. More than its branches, what fascinates me the most is its trunk and short roots. Here it is:

To me it clearly looks like a forearm with a hand and 5 fingers. It could be my right hand with its fingers digging into a pizza dough while I’m kneading it.
Mhhh, but my arm isn’t green (fortunately). So it could be the short-fingered hand of a green, spotty monster, ready to jump at you and swallow you whole, like this:

I will look out for it on my way home tonight…

Today our little “book club” goes fishy…

Today I’ve seen the fattest robin I’ve ever come across in my life. He looked like a ball of fluff, out of which two tiny eyes, a small beak and thin long legs were sticking out.
He wasn’t just fat but also incredibly cheerful. Well, at least until I went near him. He was singing like there is no tomorrow, it was actually amazing to see how such a small creature could emit such a powerful, loud sound. I wish I could understand what he was saying, for I’m positive that he must have been saying something. Somebody putting such an effort into singing, can’t be doing it just because there’s nothing else to do.
Fat and chirpy. Even though I was never a big fan of Pavarotti, he looked pretty much like the bird version of him.
He was standing on the railing of a house, so to me it looked like he was actually looking for an audience. But when I approached him, he stopped. And his face looked somehow disgruntled, like this:

So I thought that maybe he didn’t want an audience after all. So, reluctantly, I walked away.
But gosh I could hear him until two streets later…