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Last week I had one of “those days” at work. But it’s interesting to observe how your body language changes when you get pissed off. So what’s the difference between me happy and me angry?


It’s not completely confirmed, as accurate dates from the 14th century are hard to come by, but they say Dante started penning his Inferno in 1312, right at the start of his exile in Verona. So I wanted to celebrate this 700th birthday with a cartoon, showing Dante in his signature look: grumpy face and red beanie-hat/cape combo. And then I thought: maybe the two were related?…

No particular reference to personal facts or current situations. But as I was horridly busy until now, juggling two fan-hitting-shitty jobs, my poor knackered brains came up with this.

Apologies apologies apologies. Even though I’m not sure of how many people are there following this blog, I must apologise profusely for being absent for such a loooong time. But gosh life has been in the way. I’ve been busy with lots of exciting new things of which I will tell you in new posts very soon, but for now you’ll  have to do with just a new chapter in the Literary Bestiary saga.
Today we talk about chickens.

Welcome to my new enterprise: a blog where I’ll dump all the ideas, doodles and sketches I normally come up with. Some stuff will be directly inspired or based on my own life, some will be more random things. But I’ve been asked a few times by Gus & Waldo readers or other people where they could see more work of mine, so there you go. If you have the patience to sift through my ramblings, I hope you’ll enjoy my cartoons. 
So: ready, steady… draw!