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Today our animal literati are offering something quite artistic:

As for my other current work, I can tell you that Gus & Waldo’s 4th title is coming out in less than a month (woo-hoo!) and I’m quite excited: even though it’s only a compendium of the previously published Book Of Sex and Book Of Fame, CRAZY IN LOVE was fun to put together and it’s always fabulous to work with my beloved boys.
I’ve also been commissioned the branding design of next year’s Turin GLBT Film Fetival, so watch this space as I will give you a preview later on.
But the bread and butter work that keeps me busy these days is the motion graphics for the new series of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, which is a great show, I only wish I didn’t have to do all these animations on erectile dysfunctions… YUK!

Hey guys,
I know, long time no blog, I mean, months without even logging in. Shameful! Sorry everybody (let’s pretend somebody actually cares…). Fact is I’ve been very busy with some graphics for a number of TV shows. I had some good fun and -sorry for flogging!- one of the jobs I did for a Channel 4 show was picked up and featured on Broadcast magazine (the TV industry “official” paper), so I can proudly show it off:

And to show you better what the graphics were like (yep, the pic in the article is pretty unreadable), here is the logo I designed for the show. You like?